Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since I knew some Malaysian friends in Facebook I became interested to learn their language.
I spent lot of time chatting with them to know not only their language but as well as their culture.
Most of my Malaysian friends are Muslims and only few are Christians.
But even if most of them are Muslims I did not find it hard to have a chit-chat with them.
Both Muslims and Christians are warm hearted person.
I knew that Malaysians and Indonesian have a lil' bit same in their language.
I sometimes hear from my Indonesians classmates saying ,"terima kasih" and "sama.sama"
which means "Thank you" and 'welcome"
I also love Malaysians instant seafood 

AHMMM . . .

Oh! here
I want to share those Malaysian words that I learned

I- Saya
Love- cinta or sayang
You- awak
Too- juga
Miss- rindu
Good evening- selamat petang
Good morning- selamat pagi
Where are you going- awak nak pergi mana
What's your name- siapa nama awak
I trust you- saya percaya awak
How are you- awak apa khabar
I love you forever- selamanya sayang awak
Good night- selamat malam
Thank you- terima kasih
See you soon- jumpa lagi
Can you speak Malaysian- awak bleh cakap melayu
eyes- mata
lips- bibir
ears- telinga
finger- jari
legs- kaki
hand- tangan
teeth- gigi
good- bagus
not good- tidak bagus
I know how to speak Malaysian- saya tahu bagaimana hendak cakap bahasa Malaysia
handosme- kacak
beautiful- cantik
cute- comel
sweet- manis
romantic- romantik
I'm happy- senang hati
sad- sedih
happy birthday- selamay hari jadi
your driving me crazy- awak buat saya gila
buat- make
crazy- gila
like- suka
hate/dislike- benci
one who- seseorang yang
tackling/flirt- mengurat
time/period- waktu
performance- pertunjukan
very funny- amat melucukan

Those words are easy to remember.
It's quite the same to Visayans dialect
Just learn it with all your heart and it'll goes smoothly and soon you will start speaking Malaysian language that fluent.

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