Saturday, September 4, 2010

. .unwell

It’s so hard to say the feeling
I don’t know what’s going
I want to write,
But I’m feeling so light
I want to escape by sleeping
But when I woke up still having same thinking
I want to walk
But my mood says you talk
I want to eat
But my appetite did not meet
I feel so lazy,
Coz if I stand I will feel so dizzy
This situation is so boring
I can’t be like this all evening
I need to do something
But I don’t know what I’m thinking
Having a messy hair
Can’t escape from the fan’s air
I browse my phone
And it’s so silent can’t even hear the tone
This feeling is not normal
Am I being abnormal?
I hope that tomorrow I will be well,
Coz’ I can’t live being unwell 

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